Weighing Levelling Feet
Innovative & Reliable

The design and patent protected NGI weighing levelling feet is the optimal choice for supporting and easy weighing of machinery, equipment, tanks and vessels in environments with strict hygienic requirements.

NGI weighing levelling feet are optimized for the PR 6251 PanCake load cell family to guarantee best weighing performance and a very compact construction, unmatched reliability, robustness and stability, which enable trouble-free operation without adjustment, year after year. Other brands of load cells are also optional.

The PR 6251 range of load cells have just two very compact designs, one for load from 0.5-5 ton and one for load from 0-16 ton. As a result, existing applications can be upgraded very easily. NGI design combined with the special measuring element geometry in the load cell ensures that the transmission of forces into the load cell is always at the optimum level. This minimizes the disruptive effect on measurement accuracy whilst a high overload range, high repeatability and good linearity are maintained.

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