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Task Force Bacteria - Wash Down Test

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NGI Washdown Test EHEDG vs. fully-threaded

The following washdown test is produced by The Danish Technological University (Center of Hygienic Design) and complies with the Ecolab cleaning instructions.


NGI Washdown Test Foot plate focus

The following washdown test focus on hygienic foot plate with rubber vs. basic non rubber foot plate.

Hygienic vs. Fully-threaded

Benefits of a hygienic foot:
  • The spindle is covered by a sleeve and has no exposed thread
  • The sleeve is height-adjustable
  • Multiple O-ring sealed hygienic design
  • Self-draining and no horizontal ledges
  • Surface roughness values of 1,6u RA

Cleaning according to
ECOLAB specifications

The hygienic foot and fully-threaded foot are similarly soiled in sour yoghurt containing fluorescents

Cleaning process:
  • Rinse with water
  • Distribute cleaning detergents
  • Rinse with water until visible cleanability is obtained

Visible results
after the cleaning process

  • The fully-threaded foot looks clean with the human eye even though it is not clean
  • Unfortunately, this is standard procedure and accepted as a satisfactory cleaning result
  • A lot of bacteria stick to the exposed thread on the fully-threaded foot

UV lighting
used to expose bacteria

  • The certified hygienic levelling foot is clean
  • The spindle on the fully-threaded levelling foot is infected with bacteria
  • Fully-threaded vs. hygienic: It takes 28% more resources to reach the same level of cleanability on a fully-threaded foot
  • Resources could be time, water, money, detergents etc.

Our ROI-calculator shows your
company-specific savings

NGI has collaborated with a leading research institute* to create a complex yet easy to use ROI-calculator.

Type in the following data:
  • Cleaning frequency
  • Cleaning time
  • Water usage
  • Waste water costs
  • Electricity costs

The ROI-calculator will quickly and automatically illustrate your company-specific savings from investing in certified hygienic levelling feet.

Estimated savings are min. 28%.

* The Danish Technological Institute (EHEDG Denmark)

It takes 28% more resources to reach the same level of cleanability on a fully-threaded foot compared to a certified hygienic foot