Seismic Levelling Feet

Our innovative market approach has resulted in the creation of a new seismic levelling foot available at NGI only.

Our seismic levelling foot has been developed and tested using the Finite Element Method (FEA) and is complying with the governmental regulations of California and New Zealand - (NZS 4219:2009).

Our seismic levelling foot is capable of withstanding earthquakes due to its’ ability to withstand combinations of vertical and horizontal loads. Additionally, it is designed in accordance with the 3-A and EHEDG hygienic standards and certified in accordance with USDA hygienic standard.

The NGI seismic product configurator combines earthquake risk data in the geographic area with data about your specific equipment. The result of this detailed analysis will help you select the optimal solution in terms of safety and minimizing the risk of damage to your machinery and equipment caused by earthquakes.