NGI A/S is the world leading manufacturer of stainless steel machine feet.

NGI has efficient and fully automated machinery that enables us to offer customers a wide range of machine feet in stainless steel and reinforced polyamide for adjustment, stabilization and vibration absorption of all types of machines and equipment.

NGI´s products are carefully specified and designed to comply with the various hygienic demands that apply in Europe and the USA. NGI is the only supplier of 3A/USDA accepted machine feet for Dairy, Meat and Poultry.

NGI is especially known for providing optimal hygienic solutions for machines and equipment in the food and pharmaceutical industries. NGI also supplies machine feet to the packaging industry and internal transport.
Flexibility is an important concept to NGI, which is why our customers are also offered customized solutions in machine feet and other rubber and metal products in stainless steel. It can be small adjustments to one of our standard products, or a completely different design or product that you want to apply to your machines and equipment.

Stainless steel frames is a product group which NGI offers its customers as a natural result of our knowledge of machine feet and machine constructions.

Our know-how in vulcanization and FDA approved rubber types enables us to find hygienic quality solutions together with the customer, meeting the high sanitary requirements in the food industry.

Continuous development drives us forward

NGI is an organization in constant motion. We continuously optimize our products as well as our processes. The objective is to always remain a modern, dynamic and value-creating partner.

To further strengthen this perception we have decided (in connection with the lauch of this website) to boost our corporate visual identity as well as introduce a new logo. Our main color of choice remains blue but the general visual identify has become more simplistic and modern.
In relation to our company name we have introduced a logo consisting of two concentric circles symbolizing the foot plate from a levelling foot, the dot above the "i" in addition to a levelling foot seen from an above angle. As displayed on our new website the circles have become a consistent part of our visual identity.

We hope that you appreciate our new, visual universe.