Product overview

Nominel pull: value in Newton of the strenght the foot can resist in direct pull

Nominel load: value in Newton of the load that the foot can sustain

Total height: this is the total height of the machine foot including the foot plate and possible rubber

Thread diameter: This is the thickness of the thread indicated in MM

Foot plate diameter: This is the diameter of the foot plate indicated in MM

Fixing holes: Indicates if the footplate have holes for fixing the machine foot to the floor

Anti-slip rubber: indicates if there is rubber under the foot plate

Minimum height: indicates the minimum height the machine that get from the floor – means height of the foodplate including possible rubber, the height of the wrench on the thread and the height of the nut/slewe below the machine

Adjustment: indicates the usable possible adjustment considering the minimum height and the height of the thread which is screwed into the machine

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