Hygienic design

Normally the floor is the last place to be cleaned.

If there are unhygienic deposits on the machine feet, there is a considerable risk that these will end up on the machine or system again due to the fact that high pressure cleaning is the most common way of cleaning floors.

So the first step is to ensure that the machine foot doesn’t in itself constitute a hygiene risk. How can fluid, food or powder residues be removed from a thread? Even more important, how can they be prevented from getting onto the thread in the first place?

Finding the answers to these questions through the innovative design of machine feet of uncompromising quality and reliability that also minimize the time needed for cleaning, is the core of NGI’s hygiene philosophy.
How to ensure that machine feet are hygienic:

  • Use a foot with a 3A, EHEDG and USDA certificate
  • Use a foot with a spindle which is covered by a sleeve and sealed with o-rings at both ends
  • Use a foot with vulcanized rubber, which accommodates slopes on the floor and is designed to avoid capillary action
  • Use a foot made in stainless steel
  • Use a foot that will stand solidly and securely on the floor and will be able to absorb vibration
  • Use a foot with no unnecessary corners and edges; this facilitates the cleaning process
  • Use an adjustable foot without an exposed thread

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