Custom built

At NGI we have a wide selection of standard products, which can be configured in ways exceeding one million combinations. Therefore, it is highly likely that all issues related to leveling feet in the food industry can be solved by using one of our standard products.

However, a few of our customers sometimes do require custom-made leveling feet in order to reach the optimal result. In these cases our R&D department can provide you with advice and consulting when it comes to the development, variation, documentation and presentation of our products - in addition to other tasks assisting in the optimization of the environmental friendliness, hygiene and efficiency of your production equipment.
Our experienced engineers are specialists when it comes to optimizing processes and production equipment in the food industry. They can supply you with state-of-the-art visualizations in 2D, 3D, CAD, Solid works, Drive works as well as prototyping.

Our R&D department is also responsible for testing the strength of our products with the Danish Technological Institute. They also perform cleaning tests of our products in collaboration with EHEDG Denmark and Ecolab.