Brand promise

At NGI we are not focused on competing with other companies - we determine the market standard. This fact holds true when it comes to consulting, commerce, innovation and the characteristics and qualities of the individual products.
Naturally, we consider hygienic levelling feet to be our primary physical supply, but additionally we always aim at being a flexible and value-creating partner, who understands the market needs and our customers' challenges. Therefore, NGI always contributes to improving our customers' competitiveness.

Easy to do business with

The customer experience is always a focal point of view at NGI. We understand the wants and needs of the brand owners and the machine manufacturers.
Our partnership program includes:

  • Consulting, advising and knowledge-sharing.
  • Associated key account consultants with a vast industry knowledge.
  • In-depth insight in the machine manufacturing industries and the various food industries.
  • Swift and easy service transaction and disptach.
  • Continuous evaluation of project processes and the measuring of our customer satisfaction levels.
  • Virtual customer platforms