Focus on hygienics, the environment and production costs

The focus on hygienics, the environment and the production costs is increasing for all brand owners in the food industry.

Imagine the possibilities of reducing the down-time and manpower spent on cleaning in addition to being able to lower the costs associated with water consumption and cleaning detergents. Also, imagine the possibility of minimizing the risk of contaminating your production equipment due to the fact that you have increased the hygienic standard of your production equipment.

These are just a few of the benefits you can obtain from choosing certified leveling feet in your production facilities.
Please contact one of our local consultants to hear more about the NGI partnership program and our customer-specific product catalogues, which can contribute to reducing your production equipment costs and enhance the dialogue with your partnering machine manufacturers.

NGI's partnership program contributes to the future-proofing of new as well as existing production environments in all sectors of the food industry in addition to other industries, where strict hygienic standards are an essential competitive parameter.